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Transition Group, Inc. Successful Selling in New and Changing Markets


I am proud to be affliated with Bill Royer, Founder and President of the Transition Group. After reading through this brief overview, you can click on the TGI logo and learn more about the firm.

  • Are your sales stagnant and you want them to grow?
  • Are your sales declining and you need them to grow?
  • Are your sales growing, but you are concerned about how the business will sustain its growth in the future?

 If you are a start-up to medium sized company or division that manufactures and/or distributes a tangible product, we are your sales consulting specialists.We help you align and focus your resources and skills at your most productive markets, customers, and products. Your sales, margins, customer service, individual and financial productivity will grow. Your performance will improve in your current and future markets.


You will grow and create new sales from current and new customers. You will identify your future cash producing products. These things will happen as a result of using our unique consultative selling, marketing, communication, and resource alignment processes.


Our range of expertise enables us to assist you in sales growth management, planning, and control. We lead and/or assist in results based planning and planning implementation.


Our goal is for you to achieve results beyond your expectations. Working together we will help you define, develop, and achieve your vision. Let us put our expertise to work for you.