Dale Carnegie Training

 has over 7 million graduates from thousands of companies worldwide.

Graduates work in every industry and nearly every country. And we’re proud to point out that we have trained people in over 400 of the Fortune 500 corporations.


We offer training tailored to the needs of individual businesses as well as open classes offered on an ongoing basis.

Dale Carnegie Training® uses a unique spaced-learning technique designed to change behavior and reinforce new attitudes — the most effective way to increase on-the-job performance and develop lifelong skills.


Practical exercises are used to instill real-world solutions, and participants get the chance to interact with individuals from other companies and industries.


 This is a training process that improves company profitability by improving employee performance. Interactive sessions elicit full participation in the learning process through practice and group discussion. As people experience breakthrough training in "real life" situations, self-confidence and productivity increase. The course can be tailored for groups interested in becoming more productive teams.


Sales Advantage


This cutting-edge program trains sales professionals to build relationships that open more doors and close more sales. Participants learn concrete, practical selling techniques that help them establish rapport and create solutions. Sales Advantage focuses on consultative selling and examines the steps to sell customers based upon listening to what they need. Sales Advantage’s proven method can be customized and applied to any field.


Leadership Training For Managers Program


This highly concentrated program focuses on primary management functions and communication skills development. It enhances leadership ability, including motivating, fostering cooperation, and building teamwork. LTM also encourages short-term and long-term planning and goal-setting.


Customized Corporate Solutions


Training customized for the specific requirements of an organization. All programs include a comprehensive assessment of company needs, interviews with personnel at all levels, and an analysis of corporate mission statements. Fast-paced training sessions hone communication skills, build teamwork, and encourage better time and stress management. Post-training reviews and evaluations help ensure long-term effectiveness.


High Impact Presentations


Intensive training that concentrates on developing presentation skills. Participants learn methods for planning and delivering effective presentations, as well as how to respond to questions from audiences, the media, and in impromptu situations. Presentations are video taped for review and personal coaching is provided during training.


The Leadership Advantage


A comprehensive, two-day training process that applies time-tested leadership principles to today's business environment. Participants learn how to identify leadership skills in themselves and others, how to drive out fear and build trust, and how to handle mistakes and criticism. Informative course materials include a copy of The Leader inYou, the latest book from Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc.


World Class Customer Services


This program focuses on delivering superior service that not only satisfies customers but also transforms them into business partners. We equip your employees with the ability to perform their role of winning and retaining customers, to figure out customer priorities and apply tested strategies to foster enduring relationships.


High Performance Teams


This program turns talented individual players into high performing team members. We offer business people the techniques to implement critical team processes, such as defining shared goals and clarifying individual responsibilities.